Our philosophy of Tango is that the followers, who are our Queens, are our greatest asset because they are the ones who know and reflect all the leaders mistakes and also reflect all of our amazing Choreography. Therefore followers are the leaders best teachers and their greatest Cheerleaders. Leaders do not Teach we move our followers like an artist moves his paint brush. It is not the paint brush's fault when the painting is not what we expected. Although each week we teach a new set of steps our goal is not the steps but the leaders ability to convey only the next step and only one step at a time. This makes Tango much easier to learn, because there are only 6 steps in Tango... 1 Forward step 2 Back step 3 Side Step 4 Weight change 5 Pivot 6. Pause When we think about Tango this way it becomes much easier. For the Follower She can only think about the next step she must dance in the Now and the Leader must lead in the now